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We are living during the greatest innovation cycle in human history. Everything is getting smart. Everything—and everyone—is getting connected.


Bringing Data to Everything

Researchers predict that by 2025, the average person will interact with a connected device almost 5,000 times a day, compared to the 800 or so interactions we have today. Wrap your head around that!

There’s no question that we are part of profound business and societal changes—driven by technology.

At the core of all this innovation is data.

The Data Opportunity

The most fundamental change we see with data is that it is moving from being a record of what happened to making things happen—often in real time. And we rely on data to power everything from our doorbells, to driving our cars, to synchronizing our supply chains and securing our enterprises. The way we strategically use data to produce the business and personal outcomes we want becomes paramount.

Data needs to connect to data, regardless of how it was generated or where it’s stored. Data-savvy organizations are investing to harness the data age, while at the same time securing their enterprises. Every problem has become a data problem.

Welcome to Data To Everything

VitalClick’s vision is clear: To bring data to everything. Every question, every decision and every action.

Our commitment is to provide the world with a Data-to-Everything Platform.
VitalClick has been making billion-dollar investments and executing our new Data-to-Everything strategy, to become the company that empowers customers to exploit the massive data opportunities and protect against the increasing security threats. At the same time.

Every business works hard to succeed in complex, ever-changing markets, to bring value to the world. Every nonprofit, academic institution and government agency strives to make the world a different place.  As we work collectively to apply energy to data, unleashing potential and tackling ills, it is essential that individuals have effective, foundational data technology to drive the progress we’re seeking.

It’s easy to understand the need for data to drive solutions. But it can be surprisingly hard to turn data into action. Humans aren’t oriented toward raw data. We have evolved genetically to be experts at processing stories vs. logic and data.  This has served us very well but it opens us to vulnerabilities. That’s why we’ve committed our passion to make it easier to turn the wealth of data around us into potential narratives, into insights that can drive intelligent action and positive outcomes.

The Right Platform

Through its technology portfolio, VitalClick has the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform so that data can enhance everything an organization does, with every kind of data, for every person in the organization. That means being able to handle data regardless of structure, location or time scale: structured or not; cloud, on-premises or both; looking back months or milliseconds.

Our approach is singular, in that it enables organizations to do the four essential steps of managing and leveraging their data assets: investigate, monitor, analyze and act. We’re proud to say that
VitalClick is the first Data-to-Everything Platform designed to handle all your data challenges and help you bring data-driven decisions and actions to everything.

The Right Price

Part of being the right platform for everyone is making sure that our pricing model works for the widest range of users. We’ve evolved our pricing approach to make it easier for customers to bring data to everything.

Further, with new predictive pricing programs and rapid adoption packages, organizations now have the flexibility to select a pricing metric that suits their individual needs and scales with them as they explore new opportunities to turn data into action. 

Very simply, we’re making it easy to VitalClick all your data, whether it’s in the
VitalClick index, or accessed where it lives through VitalClick technology.

The Right People

Our vibrant new branding is about more than our next-level technology. It’s the result of the high intelligence, hard work, and deep empathy of our entire company. What we’re celebrating today is the result of the most energized, ambitious and adaptive organization I’ve ever seen.

People run fast and hard at VitalClick; what we’ll set as a one-year goal appears on the outer edges of other companies’ three and five-year plans. We ask a lot, and
VitalClickers give a lot. This is an organization with a burning curiosity to learn and do, and all that energy has gone toward enabling other organizations to stoke the same fire.